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House plans from original 1835 to 1935 pattern books, because you deserve a historically authentic house.

Rare Historic House Plans
& Construction Design Books
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Victorian America

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Cottage City, Martha's Vineyard.Presently featured historically-accurate house design and floor plan: Southern Plantation, 1852

Free Victorian cottage houses eBook. free on homepage
Victorian Cottage City on Martha's Vineyard house colors and trim: Free 112-page Photo-eBook.

MORE featured historic house, barn, and garage floor plans:

These authentic 1800s design and floor plans are not construction blueprints.
Please bring ideas from these books to your architect to have blueprints made with current building codes, safety codes, local building regulations, and for current prices.

Merrymeeting Archives LLC

Consult your architect for construction blueprints, current building codes, safety regulations and for current prices. Books and ebooks are for historic interest only. eBooks are available instantly in a link after payment. eBooks are in PDF format and instantly download with Acrobat Reader.
George Barber, 19th-century Victorian architect.

Cottage Souvenir, 1891
and George Barber Homes
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100 Victorian Designs by George Barber from 1891 Cottage Souvenir #2 and 100 color photos of 30 Barber houses. more info...

antique barn plans.

Antique Barns, Carriage Houses
and Vintage Garage Plan Collection

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Barns, Carriage Houses, and Vintage Garages; Garages and Motor Boat Houses; and Loudon Barn Plans Catalog more info...

California Mission bungalows, 1923.

California Homes, 1923 Book of House Plans by Dixon & Hillen
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30 California Spanish Mission, Craftsman bungalow and 1920s cottage designs in California more info...

Olde English Tudor and European Collection

eBook 1
eBook 2
eBook 3
eBook 4
Bonus eBook

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Peter Robinson pattern book reprints from 1836-1837.Peter Frederick Robinson, architect
4 House Plan eBooks, reprinted from 1836-1838
Bonus eBook: 1905 Tudor Revival Plans

  • eBook 1: Designs for Ornamental Villas; 14 English Villa Mansion Plans from 1836, building designs and plans only; no text, 65 e-pages, 27.8MB.
  • eBook 2: Designs for Ornamental Cottages and Villas; 13 English Cottage Plans and European Villa Plans from 1838, building designs and plans only; no text, 45-page, 16.2MB.
  • eBook 3: Designs for Gate Cottages, Lodges, and Park Entrances; 12 English Stone Cottage Plans from 1837, text included, 55 e-pages, 10MB.
  • eBook 4: Designs for Farm Buildings; 10 English Farm Buildings with Fifty-six Illustrations, text included, 56 e-pages, 7.43MB.
  • eBook 5: Planning The Country House Tudor Revival houses in United States

    Four eBooks from original London books by P. F. Robinson, (1776-1858) Architect, F.A.S. F.G.S.; Vice President of the Institute of British Architects; originally published in London in 1836-1838, by Henry G. Bohn.
    Bonus eBooks: Colonial & Tudor Revival House Plans from 1905, to show a few house designs that imitated original Tudor designs, and how to work with an architect, and 1920 Cottage Building in Cob, Pise, Chalk & Clay.

  • Victorian houses.

    Turn-of-the-Century Collection
    Hodgson and Hopkins
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    62 Late-Victorian and Queen Anne Design Plans by Hopkins, 1896 and Hodgson, 1902 more info...

    San Francisco architects of painted ladies.

    Picturesque California Homes
    by Samuel and Joseph C. Newsom
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    40 Victorian Painted Ladies original home plans by the Newsom Brothers from San Francisco, California, 1890s more info...

    Colonial plan.

    Your Next Home: Photographs and Plans of 60 Beautiful Homes
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    60 Brick House Designs from the 1920s: Colonial Revival cottage floor plans, also Tudor Revival, Dutch Revival, with floor plans. more info...

    eBook 1
    eBook 2
    eBook 3
    eBook 4
    eBook 5
    eBook 6
    eBook 7
    eBook 8

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    victorian era plan. SPECIAL! Victorian House Plan Collection
    Download 8 PDF eBooks

    eBook 1: Victorian Houses 1850-1900 Victorian House Plans from 1850 rustic cottages to 1890s-1900 city and suburban dwellings; also, pictures & house articles from 19th-century Harper's, Scribner's, and Godey's Lady's Magazines, &c. 85 Victorian house plans, 19.1MB, 246-pages PDF eBook Merrymeeting Archives LLC, 2006. eBook 2: Cottages, 1884 23 Queen Anne Victorian Cottage Plans eBook 3: House Plans from Atwood's Country and Suburban Houses, 1871 33 Victorian Gothic and Italianate Plans eBook 4: House Plans from Woodward's Rural Art and Architecture: Suburban and Country Houses, 1868 20 Carpenter Gothic, Italianate, and Second Empire Plans eBook 5: House Plans from Homes for the People, 1855 by Gervase Wheeler. 36 Italian Villa Plans eBook 6: Bicknell & Co. Specimen Book of 100 Architectural Designs, 1879 Pictorial bibliography of 1870s architecture books eBook 7: Cottage Houses by S. B. Reed. 22 Victorian cottage house plans for Village and Country Homes eBook 8: Shoppell's Co-operative Building Plans 1883

    Remodeling old houses.

    Old Homes Made New, 1878
    Remodeling Houses to Victorian

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    Remodeling Old Homes to Victorian-style: 8 house designs, 3 plans, and 7 interior views more info...

    Pallisers Homes.

    Palliser's American Cottage Homes
    and Palliser's Model Homes

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    76 Palliser Victorian Stick-Style, Folk, or Eastlake house design plans from 1878 more info...

    Haunted houses Victorian-style.

    Haunted House Design Plans
    Hobbs's Architecture, 1873
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    84 "Haunted" house plans from 1873 Second Empire with towers, turrets, and gables, and some Gothic houses. more info...

    Tudor and Colonial Revival plans.

    Homes of Individuality, 1912
    Suburban Homes, 1916
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    74 Tudor Revival and Colonial Revival House Plans from 1912 - 1920 more info...

    Log Cabins of 1908.

    Log Cabin & Small Cottage Collection
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    1908 Log Cabins for hunting and vacation and early 1800s Gothic cabins more info...

    Queen Anne Multi-family rental Plans.

    Victorian Two Family
    and Twin Houses
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    55 Queen Anne and other Victorian Multi-family Design Plans from 1908 with floor plans. more info...

    Maine/Massachusett Architects - Queen Anne & Shingle-style Plans, 1889

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    Queen Anne Shingle-style plans.Examples of American Domestic Architecture
    by John Calvin Stevens and Albert Winslow Cobb
    Steven Houses on the West End in Portland
    Download 2 PDFs

    eBook 1: Examples of American Domestic Architecture by John Calvin Stevens and Albert Winslow Cobb, Architects, Portland, Maine, with Illustrations. Victorian Queen Anne and Shingle-style Buildings. Originally published in 1889, New York, by William T. Comstock. eBook republished, 2006, Merrymeeting Archives LLC. eBook 2: John Calvin Steven Houses on the West End in Portland Maine Photo eBook. Merrymeeting Archives LLC 2007. more info...

    1859 Rural Architecture.

    Antique Farm House Plans
    A Pocket Manual of Rural Architecture
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    40 Country Plans from 1859, with original "Fruitland" building, now Augusta National Golf Club's Clubhouse and octagon structures, cottages, &c. more info...

    1852 Cottage Residences with historic landscaping.

    Cottage Residences, 1853
    by A. J. Downing
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    18 Victorian Plans & 23 detailed landscaping plans from early 1850s, with color photos of existing Downing-style houses. First rural architecture book in America. more info...

    1859 Rural Architecture.

    European Villa Floor Plan Collection
    White and Loudon

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    Rural Architecture, 1845: Masterful English Mansions with Details and Floor Plans by John White and Loudon Architecture, 1834: Book 3.1 Designing Villas more info...

    100 House Plans including Sears Homes

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    Mission bungalow plans. 50 House Plans for Home Builders in the Southwest
    50 Craftsman Mail-Order House Plans

  • 50 House Plans for Home Builders in the Southwest: Originally published in 1910 by Associated Architects in Dallas, Texas. 54 e-pages, 4.77MB. Republished as PDF, 2003, Merrymeeting Archives LLC.
  • 50 Craftsman Mail-order House Plans: Houses are similar in style to many of the Southwestern house plans. 52 e-pages, 4.72MB.
  • Bonus: Merrymeeting Archives LLC reindexed HABS Historic Texas House Plans more info...

  • Ornate Victorian Trim, and more...

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    Cottage City, Martha's Vineyard.
    Gingerbread Cottages of Cottage City, Martha's Vineyard
    Color photo eBook

    Ornate Porch Trim, and Gingerbread Houses and Cottages Exteriors in Oak Bluffs, Cottage City, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts by Rena Goff. Many examples of gingerbread trim work, porches, gables, and Victorian paint colors. 112-page, PDF eBook, 2005, Merrymeeting Archives LLC.

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