Victorian Stick-Style, 1878.

Palliser's Victorian Design with floor plans.

50 Victorian house plans in

Palliser's American Cottage Homes, 1878.

Victorian floor plans.Victorian floor plans, second story.

Victorian Designs, side views.

This design is a very handsome Cottage of seven rooms, with the necessary conveniences, the interior to be finished in good style. the walls, up to first story window-sills, are of brick, faced with North Haven brick of even color, relieved with bands of black brick--the red brick laid in red mortar, and the black brick in black mortar, roofs slated, ridge of terra cotta.

Palliser's American Victorian Homes pattern book.

PDF is available with 50 Victorian House Plans
from Palliser's American Cottage Homes, and 28 Victorian House Plans from Palliser's Model Homes, 1878.

by Palliser & Palliser Company,
Bridgeport, Conn., 1878

Palliser's Victorian designs and floor plans, 2006, by Merrymeeting Archives, LLC.

Residence of a Country Physician, 1878.

One of many house plans from the eBook

Palliser's Model Homes.

Within a radius of fifty miles from this point, taking as a center the present position of the pen, there lives a Doctor, one of those men who it is necessary to call in at stated times to help us gather our scattered roses; or when, at certain periods, it is strictly necessary to have him to stand by as a good friend, tried and true, one who never looks into the regions of grim despair, but is ever ready to lift us up into the light of restoring hope; in fact, one of nature's noblemen, who we learn to look up to in our childish faith when the aches and pains are racking our weary heads.

Such an one was our Doctor. He owned a lot; it was a good large one, not the city lot, 25x100, which is hardly large enough to breath in, but a two-acre lot. This had a frontage of 150 feet on the south, thereby giving ample room for the well-kept lawn, whereon the Doctor intended to take some muscular exercise during the spring and summer months in toying with the lawn-mower.

The Doctor did not want a large house, but a good, plain, country house wherein his family could live and he could pursue his daily avocation, as far as his business went, without interfering with the privacy of his home. He must have the following rooms on first floor: Parlor, Sitting-Room, Dining-Room and Kitchen, with all necessary closets and other conveniences, front and back stairs, a Reception-Room for patients, a Consultation-room and a Laboratory; a drive porch for everyday use, and a spacious front porch and front veranda if it could be done. He must be able to pass in at any door and out at the other without disturbing any part of the house. All rooms on first floor to have open fire-places and as many on second floor as possible; five good Bed-Rooms, Bath-Room, plenty of closets.

Cellar under the whole house and Laundry under Kitchen. The matter of drainage to be properly arranged, and there being a running stream in the rear of lot, the Doctor congratulated himself that he would not live on sewer gas. Yet the drains must be well ventilated and a trap placed in main pipe just clear of the house. This, the Doctor said, if good for nothing else would keep the rats from entering the house by the drains.

The house to be heated by steam heater placed in the cellar, the necessary provisions for which were to be made, together store and vegetable cellars, coal and wood and a water closet, which must be ventilated into one of the chimney flues, and also have an outside window.

All the above are embodied in the design with the exception of Sitting-Room, which at the specified price could not be done, so we made the front Hall into a Sitting-Room, which the Doctor says is truly beautiful, and the best and most useful room in the house. Here is the open fireplace wherein the wood fire glowscheerfully upon the hearth, and round which it is so pleasant to gather. The mantel is built of wood, with a large hood over it and a clock built in it. The walls are wainscoted, ceiling finished in wood, giving an old-time welcome and an hospitable appearance to those coming in to visit the family, and that which should be felt on entering any house, no matter how humble it may be.

The staircase is of ash, and well lighted from above through a stained-glass window in roof, which gives a mellow light to the rear of Hall. The entire finish of Hall, Parlor and Dining-Room is in ash, the balance being in pine, and all finished in its natural color and beauty.

The Doctor said he wanted no paint, no graining, but his pine was to be pine--his ash, ash. No deception was to be put in his house and he has got none. Here our Doctor knew what he wanted. He had studied his wants for years, and when the time came for building he only had to give his problem and there was no trouble to work it out, as the plan plainly speaks for itself.

This home is not an expensive one, but a home in every sense of the word, where the homely virtues daily grow stronger, and the true, manly acts of kindness, charity and good feeling toward all men are the ruling principle. The cost of this house without heating is only $3,300, a proof that no country Doctor can afford to be without a real live breathing place.


PDF of the House Plans from Palliser's 1878 Model Homes.

Palliser's Model Homes.
house plans.

The genius of the Architect, in his practice, unlike that of the Sculptor and the Painter, which may be manifested in their highest forms almost single handed, and within the four walls of the studio, deals with sterner materials, and has to wield not only the intractabilities of matter, but the even greater intractabilities of men's adverse wills, and to move the apathy, and frequently the ignorance, of ill-constituted public opinion.-SIR M. DIGBY WYATT.

Originally published in 1878 by

PDF of house designs, floor plans, and descriptions, 2004, by Merrymeeting Archives, LLC, 85 epages.
This title is listed in Bicknell's 1879 Specimen Book. 53 Floor Plans, 28 Building Designs, Illustrated.

house plans. house plans.

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