Connecticut Country House, 1905.

country house picture.

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Residence of E. S. Sands, Esq., Southport, Conn. An example of well studied lines and composition. Note how closely the design has worked out to the architect’s sketch. Wilson Eyre, architect.

country house plan.

  • Osterville, Mass.; Chapman & Frazer, architects
  • Manchester, Mass.; Andrews, Jaques & Rantoul, architects
  • half-timber work; Wm. L. Price, architects
  • Residence of E. S. Sands, Esq. Southport, Conn.; Wilson, Eyre, architect
  • Clifton, Mass.; Chapman & Frazer, architects
  • Overbrook, PA; Wm. and Walter Price, architects
  • Glen Ridge, NJ; H. Van Buren Magonigle, architects
  • Wallingford, PA; Wm. L. Price, architects
  • The old Royal House, Medford, Mass.
  • Cohasset, Mass.; John Lavelle, architects
  • Kingston, NY; Wilson Eyre, architects
  • gardener's cottage on a large estate near Boston; Coolidge & Carlson, architects
  • Bar Harbor, Maine
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