Country House Plan, 1868.

The design of this house was made for the purpose of giving each room a sunny southern exposure, and out of then rooms nine have at least one look-out to the southeast, and one, the small room over the hall, has a southwest window. There is a fine cellar under the whole house, the rear of which can be finished for a laundry, and has an outside cellar door.

The principal floor is so managed that the spacious hall with winding staircase presents an attractive fearure on entering. The chimney is in the center of the house, and sliding doors connect each of the principal rooms, so that, when occasion requires, hall parlor, library, and dining-room may be thrown together, the octagon form of these rooms adding much to their beauty. Back of the dining-room is a side hall, closets, side door, and back stairway, and back of these the kitchen, provided with sink and force pump, connecting with a thoroughly constructed cistern of 8,000 gallons capacity, which receives all the water from a slate roof. Rain water from a slate roof is pure and clean, free from color, and used with ice in summer is better and healthier than well water.

The kitchen is well ventilated, windows both sides, and doors so arranged as to secure comfort; an independent chimney, etc.

The second floor has large and well-ventilated bedrooms, ceilings are square and of good height, abundant closet room, etc.

Above this, in the tower, is a fine octagon room of fifteen feet radius, that can be used for a bedroom, smoking-room, or any other purpose; a good garret also, for storage, etc.

The house to be heated with a furnace. In the parlor and library are marble mantles, and each is fitted with Dixon's low-down Philadelphia polished steel grates for burning wood or coal - the best open fire known.

The frame is substantial, and lined throughout with unworked lumber, and covered with narrow-lapped siding, making a stiff, warm house.

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