Garage with Loft, 1911.

garage with upstairs apartment.

Garage at Wayne, PA
D. Knickerbacker Boyd, Architect

One of MANY garage plans
from the book

Garages and Motor Boat Houses.

garage plans.

The garage at Wayne, Pa., was designed by the architect, Mr. Boyd, to harmonize with a house built several years previously. The walls are of brick left exposed inside, and rough-casted on the outside, with the exception of the corners which are of Pompeian brick treated in the form of pilasters. The roof is of green slate. There is floor space to accommodate two cars, and a large washing space which may be used to store another car if necessary.

Quarters for one man are provided in the second story, with several closets and a large loft.


Garages and
Motor Boat Houses.

garage floor plan book.


Comprising a large number of designs for both private and commercial buildings. Showing the latest ideas in their planning and construction. For the country, suburban towns and cities. Also motor boat houses. The designs are contributed by architects from different sections of the United States.

Editor of the "Architects' and Builders' Magazine."

Originally published in 1911 by THE WILLIAM T. COMSTOCK COMPANY,
23 Warren Street, New York.
Republished PDF 2006, Merrymeeting Archives, LLC.56 garage floor plans, many with apartment, illustrated.

garage plans. garage plans.

garage plans.garage plans.

Garage Plans.Description.
1. Private Country and Suburban Garages. Illustrations, descriptive text, floor plans. 1) Garage for Mrs. Mary A. Clapp at Oak Lane, PA 2) Garage at 448 Ridge Street, Newark, NJ 3) Frame garages at Larchmont Park, New York 4) Garage for Mr. C.H. Wilson, East Orange, NJ 5) Garage for Dr. Wm. Gauch, corner of Elwood Avenue and Mt. Prospect Avenue, Newark, NJ 6) Garage for Mr. Theron H. Deyo, NE corner of Berkeley and Clifton Avenues, Newark, NJ 7) Garage for Dr. H.S. Nicholson, Pittsburg, PA 8) Garage on Ridge Street, Newark, NJ 9) Garage on Summer Avenue, Newark, NJ 10) Garage for Mr. M.D. Knapp, Lake Avenue, Rochester, NY 11) Garage for Mr. Albert L. Baily at Haverford, PA 12) Garage for A.C. Lawrence, Marblehead Neck, Mass. 13) Garage for A.N. Milliken, Cohasset, Mass. 14) Garage at Wayne, PA 15) Garage for Mr. W.D. Denegre, Manchester, Mass. 16) Garage for Miss Marjorie R. Van Wickle, Bristol, Rhode Island 17) Garage for Col. C.N. Wallace, Beverly, Mass. 18) Motor House for J.C. Hopkins, Dover, Mass. 19)Fireproof garage for private estate at Albany 20) Garage for Senator Foss, Jamaica Plain, Mass. 21) Garage for Mr. Charles W. Welsh, Oak Lane, PA 22) Garage for Mr. James McCrea at Ardmore, PA 23) Garage at Merion, PA 24) Garage for Mrs. Irene D. Overn, Oak Lane, PA 25) Garage for Mr. Chas. E. Schmidt, Elkins Park, PA 26) Garage for Mr. Cyrus H.K Curtis, Wyncote, PA 27) Garage for E.B. Dane, Chestnut Hills, Mass. 28) Single car garage on Clifton Avenue, Newark, NJ 29) Brick and Frame garages on Clifton Avenue, Newark, NJ 30) Garage and Stable for Mr. F. E. Anderson, Nashua, NH 31) Garage and stable for Mr. Joshua L. Baily at Ardmore, PA 32) Garage and Stable for Josef E. Uhlein, Lake Drive, Milwaukee, Wis. 33) Stable and Garage for the Villa Nova Co. Ltd. 34) Stable and Garage for General Elbert Wheeler, Nashua, NH 35) Sheet metal garage for Dr. Lippincott, Second and Summer Avenues, Newark, NJ
2. Private City Garages. Illustrations, descriptive text, floor plans. 36) Building at 154 E. 70th Street, New York 37) Building at 146 E. 56th Street, New York 38) A garage erected for Mr. Andrew Carnegie, N. Y. City 39) Interior of the garage erected for Mr. Andrew Carnegie, N. Y. City 40) Garage at 118 E. 83D Street, New York 41) Stable and Garage for Mr. A. V. Stuyvesant at 146 E. 57th Street, New York 42) Stable and Garage for Mr. A. V. Stuyvesant-Longitudinal Section 43) Plans of building for Mr. A. V. Stuyvesant 44) Garages at 163 and 165 E. 70th Street, New York 45) Garage, 168 E. 70th Street, New York
3. Suburban and City Public Garages.Illustrations, descriptive text, floor plans. 46) Newark Auto and Engineering Co., Broad Street, Newark, NJ 47) Garage on Second Street, near State Street, Milwaukee, Wis. 48) Garage on Eighth Street, Wilwaukee, Wis. 49) Garage for the Boulevard Auto Company 50) Three concret block garages in East Orange and Brick Church, NJ 51) A frame garage at Larchment, NY 52) Concret garage for Palmer & Singer Mfg. Co., Broadway, near 50th Street, New York 53) Concrete garage for Palmer & Singer Mfg. Co. The elevators with turntable before them and a portion of storage floor 54) Garage building, West 93D Street, New York City 55) Exterior and main floor plan - The Packard Garage, Broadway and 61st Street, New York 56) The Salesroom - The Packard Garage 57) Acton garage, 137 West 89th Street, New York 58) Acton garage - first and second floor plans 58) Goelet Garage, 64th Street and Broadway, New York 59) Fuller Service Depot - A garage for Packard Motor Cars, Boston, Mass. 60) Fuller Service Depot - Interior and plans 61) Garage for the New York Taxi-Cab Company, West 57th Street, New York 62) Entrance to inclines leading to basement and second floor of the New York Taxi-Cab Garage
4. Motor Boat Garages.Illustrations, descriptive text. 63) Canvas shelter at Brockville, Ont., Canada 64) Two-slip boathouse located near Alexandria Bay, NY owned by J. W. Slawson 65) Boat garage located near Alexandria By, NY owned by W. B. Hayden 66) Boat-house with leanto, near Rockport, Ont., Canada 67) A covered slip 68) Two-story boat-house located near Alexandria Bay, NY owned by W. B. Hayden 69) Elaborate garage located near Alexandria Bay, NY owned by George R. Boldt 70) Motor-boat garage located near Alexandria Bay, NY owned by A. R. Peacock
5. Garage Equipment and Appliances.Fire Precautions. General Rules to Apply to all Garages. Heating and Ventilation. Turntables. Repair Pits, Stationary and Portable Hoists. Floors. Washing and Cleaning Devices. Light Attachments. Work Benches and Tool Cabinets. Tire Inflation Pumps. Lockers. Systems of Gasoline Storage.
6. The City of New York Garage Regulations.

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