Swiss Gothic Cottage, 1879.

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The illustrations above show the right elevation and first-floor plan of a very pretty Swiss Gothic Cottage, [sampled in Bicknell & Company's Specimen Book] from Atwood's Modern American Homesteads. The first story is very commodiously arranged. The broad piazza runs nearly the whole length of one side, as shown on plan. In the second story are four good-sized bedrooms, arranged around a central hall, besides a press or store rooms, which might be turned into a commodious bath-room. The attic consists of a single large bedroom, having windows on all sides. The exterior of the building is very tastefully ornamented in rustic style with wood-work trimmings, the whole presenting a very handsome and artistic appearance.

Bicknell & Co. Specimen Book

"One Hundred Architectural Designs, Showing Plans, Elevations and Views of Suburban Houses, Villas, Sea-Side and Camp-Ground Cottages, Homesteads, Churches, and Public Buildings, including Bills of Materials, etc.; also Several Original Designs for Modern Styles of Mantels and Furniture, prepared especially for this work." 82 e-pages, New York: A.J. Bicknell & Co. 1879. PDF Reprint, 2006, Merrymeeting Archives, LLC.

Bicknell's Specimen Book is an illustrated bibliographic reference of house-plan books of the 1870s.

Book Title [Circa 1879]Samples in Bicknell & Co's Specimen Book
Bicknell Village Builder and Supplement.1) Cottage: Picture and Floor Plan; 2) "Cheap Country Cottages": Includes Text, Three Pictures, Floor Plan, and Bill of Materials; 3) Design of A Suburban Residence: Includes Picture and Text; 4) House Design: Includes Picture and Floor Plan; 5) House Picture; 6) Court House: Includes Picture 7) Design for a Chapel Church: Includes Picture and Text.
Bicknell's "Detail Cottage and Constructive Architecture."1) Suburban House: Includes Picture and Text; 2) Design for a Parsonage House: Includes Picture and Text; 3) Summer House: Includes Picture; 4) Bank Finish: Includes Picture; 5) Design Details: Includes Picture; House: Includes Picture; 6) Tower Cottage: Includes Picture.
Cummings' "Architectural Details."1) City Residence. Includes Picture; 2) House: Includes Picture; 3) Designs: Includes Picture.
Supplement to Bicknell's Village Builder.1) Surburban House: Includes Picture; 2) Design for a Double House: Includes Picture; 3) House Design: Includes Picture, House Plan; 4) House: Includes Picture 5) House: Includes Picture and House Plan.
Atwood's "Modern American Homesteads"1) "An Ornamental Cottage Design," Includes Descriptive Text, Picture and Floor Plan; 2) South Nyack Chapel: Includes Picture and Text; 3) Veysey Homestead Cottage: Includes Picture and Text; 4) Design for a Country House: Includes Picture and Text; 5) House: Includes Picture and Floor Plan.
Woollett's "Old Homes Made New."1) House Before and After Pictures, with Text; 2) View of Hallway: Includes Picture and Text.
Bicknell's Cottage and Villa Architecture."1) A Picturesque Country Villa. Includes Picture and Text; 2) An Ornamental Cottage: Includes Picture and Text.
Hussey's "Home Building."1) Sea-side House in Modified Swiss Style: Includes Picture and House Plan; 2) Cottage: Includes Picture and House Plan.
Allens's "Rural Architecture."Farm Houses: Includes Picture.
Clarence Cook's "The House Beautiful."A Screen of Books: Includes Picture.
Bicknell's Village Builder.French Cottage. Includes Picture and Text.
Woollett's "Villas and Cottages."1) A Modern Villa Residence. Includes Picture and Text; 2) House: Includes Picture.
Croff's "Progressive American Architecture."1) Architectural Decoration. Includes Four Pictures; 2) Picturesque Villa: Includes Picture; 3) Residence: Includes Picture; 4) Bank: Includes Picture.
Gardner's "Home Interiors."Design for Mantel: Includes Picture.
H.J. Williams and Mrs. S.C. Jones' "Beautiful Homes, or Hints in House Furnishing."Mantel: Includes Picture and Text.
J. Weidenmann's "Beautifying Country Homes."Rustic Pavilion: Includes Picture.
Loth's "Practical Stair Builder."Stairway: Includes Picture.
Hints on Household TastesBook-Case: Includes Picture.
Prime's "Pottery and Porcelain."Picture.
Gardner's "Homes and How to Make Them."Cottage: Includes Picture.
Illustrated HomesEnglish Cottage, Judge's House: Includes Picture.
Bicknell's Street, Store and Bank Fronts.City Store Front: Includes Picture and Text.
House of GodCountry Church: Includes Picture.
Wither's Church Architecture.1) First Presbyterian Church: Includes Piction; Chapel with Bell Gable: Includes Picture.
Bicknell's "Public Buildings."Opera House & Library: Includes Pictures.
B.F. Talbert's "Examples of Ancient and Modern Furniture, Metal-Work, Tapestries and Decorations."Ancient Furniture Example: Includes Picture.
Palliser's Model HomesHouse Designs: Includes Four Pictures.
Hussey's "Cottage Architecture."House Design: Includes Picture.
Reed's "House Plans for Everybody."French-Roofed House, with Tower: Includes Picture.
Atwood's "Country and Suburban Houses."Half Timbered Cottage: Includes Picture.
Warren Ward & Co.1) Queen Anne Mantel, with Mirror; 2) Sideboard; Mantel; Newel Post; Parlor Suite; Two Chamber Suites: Includes Pictures.

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Bicknell & Co. Specimen Book of 100 Architectural Designs, 1879
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