Hill-side Victorian Queen-Anne, 1906.

Victorian Queen-Anne hill-side residence.

One of 150 house plans from the book

Palliser's Up-to-date House Plans.

Hill-side Residence: This design is adapted for a hill country, the first floor exterior being constructed of rubble boulders, leaving a natural weather-worn surface to view. The rest of the exterior is treated with shingles. The plan shows five rooms on the first floor, four on the second, and three in the attic. The finish is Washington Fir finished dark to represent oak. Plumbed complete; heated with hot water; cellar concreted, cement finish; best of material used throughout. Cost to build, $8,000.

Victorian Queen-Anne plan.







One hundred and fifty house designs and house plans from the late Victorian home designs to the transition homes from Queen Anne and Shingle-style to Colonial Revival. There are many home designs with towers, porches, and/or gambrel roofs; there are also 12 stable designs and one barn design. Prices to build are 1906 prices. Originally published in New York by J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Co., in 1906. 151 pages, Spiral-bound, 5½" x 8½". Republished, 2003, Merrymeeting Archives. See Table of Contents:

Palliser's Up-to-Date House Plans book includes illustrations, description, and floor plans of the following 150 house designs

Plan for a Cottage Home.

Small Six-room Cottage.

Neat and Comfortable Cottage.

Two-story and Attic Cottage.

An Architectural Gem.

Seven-room Cottage.

Modern Dutch Cottage.

Effective Cottage Plan.

Cottage Design - 7 Rooms.

Design for Small Cottage.

Flat Roof Cottage.

A Cosey Cottage Home of $950.

First Story Extension House.

Design for a $3000 Residence.

Inexpensive Frame Cottage.

Narrow Lot Design.

Story-and-a-half Cottage.

Two-family Cottage.

Attractive Small Cottage.

Small Family House.

Cosey Colonial Cottage.

Complete Cottage Home.

Two-story Brick Residence.

Gambrel Roof Cottage.

Two-family Home containing Front and Rear Stairs.

$2,750 Cottage.

Sensible Country Home.

$3,650 Home.

Hillside Cottage.

Six-room Frame Cottage.

Gambrel Roof Cottage.

Seven-Room Cottage.

Seven-room Cottage.

Two-and-a-half-story Home.

An Ideal Country Home.

First Story Extension Building.

Dutch Colonial Style.

Artistic Cottage.

Dutch Colonial Cottage.

American Colonial Cottage.

Dutch Colonial Home.

Dignified Country Home.

Colonial Design.

Cottage with Tower.

Colonial Residence.

A Suburban Dwelling.

$4,500 Frame Residence.

Cosey Tower Cottage.

Seven-room Basement Cottage.

$3,800 Cottage.

Colonial Cottage.

Country House.

$3,500 Cottage.

Handsome Shingled Cottage.

Common-sense House.

Seven-room Cottage.

Handsome Frame House.

Colonial Residence.

A Charming Home.

Neat and Sensible Home.

Dutch Colonial Cottage.

Dutch Colonial Cottage.

Colonial Residence.

$4,500 Dwelling.

A Thirteen-room Residence.

Ten-room Frame Cottage.

A Country Mansion.

Brick Veneer House.

Suburban Summer Home.

Country Mansion.

Studio Cottage.

Country Residence.

Model Suburban Home.

Colonial Cottage.

Genuine Country Home.

American Cottage Home.

Suburban Home.

Two-Family Cottage.

Handsome Frame Cottage.

Design for a $4,000 Cottage.

Comfortable $5,000 Home.

Country Residence.

Plan for a $5,500 House.

$4,500 Dwelling.

Cobble-stone Home.

Twelve-room Residence.

$7,000 Residence.

$3,500 Design.

Eight-room Cottage.

Country Home.

Colonial Dwelling.

Suburban Villa.

Southern Residence.

Desirable Home.

Commodious and Comfortable.

Colonial Home.

Stone and Shingle.

Charming Residence.

$7,000 Residence.

$5,500 Suburban Villa.

Model Home.

$15,000 Residence.

Colonial Country Home.

Nine-room Home.

Colonial Country Home.

Stone and Wood.

Simple Cottage.

Colonial Residence.

Stylish Cottage.

Suburban Villa.

Seaside Cottage.

$3,500 Suburban Cottage.

Queen Anne Cottage.

Frame Cottage.

Colonial Design.

Summer Home Design.

Colonial Cottage Plan.

$8,000 Residence.

$6,500 Frame Residence.

Thirteen-room Residence.

A Spacious Residence.

$6,500 Residence.

Colonial Mansion.

A Modern Home.

Colonial Residence.

Country Residence.

Hill-side Residence.

Southern Villa.

$8,500 Residence.

Colonial Home.

$6,500 Dwelling.

Colonial Country Mansion.

Two-family House.

Double Home.

Four-family Home.

Double-house Plan.

Two-family House.

Small Private Stable.

$2,350 Stable.

Stable Plan.

Artistic Stable.

Country Barn.

Dutch Colonial Stable.

Frame Stable.

$1,500 Stable Design.

Model Stable.

Design for Stable.

Stable Design.

Private Stable Plan.

Small Stable Design.

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