Victorian Houses, 1850-1900
with over 85 Victorian Country & Town Floor Plans

1849 Victorian House Plan.1851 Victorian House Plan.1874 Victorian House Plan.1888 Victorian House Plan.1900 Victorian House Plan.1900 Victorian House Plan.

An anthology of Victorian House Plans, Pictures & House Articles from 1800s Harper's, Scribner's, Godey's Lady's Book, &c. 246-page eBook,
19th century architecture articles in VICTORIAN HOUSE book:
Year Published Title Description
1850-51Model Cottages & Villa. House plans for model cottages, a Southern cottage, a "Tudor Style" cottage, and a small villa for a gentleman much attached to gardening.
1855Model Cottage.Frontier-life dwelling in Lindwood, Lake Minnetouke. Includes letter to editor, picture and house plan.
1855Ice-Houses.An ice-house for a farmer from Onondaga county, New York.
1855Model Cottages.Cottage in the Italian Style, and Cottages on a double lot. Includes pictures and house plans.
1855Hints for Country House Builders.Artistic house designs for America. Includes pictures and house plans.
1859Our Houses"When you build a house…it is not mainly to be looked at, but to be lived in" and " satisy personal taste and convenience…"
1863HouselessHunting for suitable housing in NYC
1864Country or Suburban Residences, Ornamental Cottages and an Italian Villa.Pictures and house plans.
1865The Houses We Live In"House are built to live in, and not look on..."
1865How to Redeem Woman's Profession from DishonorThe ideal home. Includes pictures and house plans.
1866Cost of a HomeWhy a man should marry, and the cost of running a household, considering real estate & food
1865A Christian HouseHarriet Beecher Stowe and her sister, Catherine Beecher write about construction of the ideal home. Includes pictures and house plans.
1872Aunt's New House(fiction) Young woman's story of Aunt's purchase of an ostentatious mansion in NYC
1874Model ResidencesHouse plans of model residences, an American ornamental villa, Italian villas, suburban residences, an ornamental cottage, an American cottage, and a Swiss cottage.
1875"Door-steps"Advantages of socializing on the piazza
1875Comfort Below StairsRequest to improve servants' department
1875Frameless HousesHouse construction
1875The PiazzaDesirable aspects of a piazza
1875Color in HousesCommon house paint colors and advice to improve
1877House and Home BuildingArchitecture for convenient housekeeping including information on servants' needs, root cellar & kitchen
1879Plans for Tenement HousePrized designs for improved tenements for poorest people. Includes house plans.
1879A New FlooringFlooring to keep out dampness
1882The Architecture of the HomeHow to build houses with economy and taste combined - plans and cost - the adornment and furnishing of the house - harmony of colors for curtains, walls, carpets and furniture. Includes pictures and house plans.
1882The Problem of Living in New YorkHousing shortage in New York City; houses changing to flats are partial success
1883Recent Building in New YorkQueen Anne and Gothic style architectural examples in NYC. Includes pictures.
1884Dangers from Fire in FlatsFireproof houses in NYC
1888House Designs House plans and short descriptions
1899The Equipment of The Modern City HouseClosets; Stairs; Dumb-waiters; Lighting by Electricity; Gas-pipes and Electric Conduits as Decorative Features; Open Plumbing; Virtue of Wash-stand; Heating, &c. Includes pictures and house plans.
1899The Building of the Modern City HouseHigh Stoop Entrance; Basement Entrances; Early & Modern American Basements; House Plans of Ancestors; Square Hall; Back Alleys; Modern Materials. Includes pictures and house plans.
1900Architecture for Modern Times with Plans & EstimatesThe latest designs in architecture from 1900. Includes pictures and house plans.

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Victorian Houses, 1850 - 1900
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Harper's, Scribner's, Godey's Lady's Book, &c.
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