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Victorian Weddings and Wedding Anniversaries.

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Victorian Weddings and Wedding Anniversaries, 1898
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Victorian Weddings: Wedding Etiquette; Engagements, Engagement Rings and Engagement Announcements; The Wedding-Day; By Whom Are The Expenses of a Wedding Assumed? Invitations; The Proper Attire for Weddings; The Bridal Bouquet; Floral Decorations; Church Weddings; House Weddings; Calls, Announcement Cards, Etc. Wedding Receptions; Wedding Breakfasts; Bride's Cake; Wedding Cake; Old-Time Customs; Congratulations; The Wedding Tour; A Springtime Wedding; Giving and Acknowledging Wedding Presents; The Art of Giving, and What to Give; The Weddings of Widows; Duties of the Bride and Groom's Attendants: The Maid of Honor, The Best Man, The Bridesmaids, and the Ushers; Pages; The Groom's Dinner; The Marriage Certificate; Miscellaneous Suggestions. Victorian Wedding Anniversaries: A Cotton Wedding; A Paper Wedding; A Leather Wedding; A Wooden Wedding; A Woolen Wedding; A Tin Wedding; A Silk and Linen Wedding; A Crystal Wedding; A China Wedding; A Silver Wedding; A Pearl Wedding; A Ruby Wedding; A Golden Wedding; A Diamond Wedding. Materials and Trimmings for Wedding and Bridesmaids' Gowns; Material and Trimmings for the General Trousseau. 2003 eBook from Butterick's 1894 book Weddings and Wedding Anniversaries, 76 e-pages, printable, illustrated. 8.57MB. Reprinted by Merrymeeting Archives LLC.Description.

Victorian Interior Design Collection
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design interior. Interior Design 1869-1879
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  • The Victorian Home the words of the Victorians more info...
  • Bonus: The American Woman's Home: The Beechers' Christian Home with Plans from 1869

  • Art Nouveau and Mission Interior Detail Collection
    woodworking lights and lamps.

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    Copper Work

  • eBook 1: Wallpapers and Wallcoverings, 1903 A Practical Handbook for Decorators, Paperhangers, Architects, Builders, and House Owners. 175-epages.
  • eBook 2: Art-Craft Lamps, 1911 Lamp construction and how-to build Arts & Crafts Lamps. Mission-style, 88 e-pages, 6.54MB.
  • eBook 3: Lamps and Shades in Metal and Art-Glass, 1911 Lamp and Shade construction and how-to build Arts & Crafts Lamps. Mission-style, 124-page, 8.36MB.
  • eBook 4: Copper Work, 1909 How to execute designs in copper; art nouveau styles. 123 e-pages, 9.78MB.

    Victorian New Year Celebration
    Victorian New Years Menus and Recipes.
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    Victorian New Year's Day
    Four Menus with Recipes

    Four Menus with Recipes of New Years Celebrating, one of the more celebrated Victorian Holidays. The menus range from economical to gourmet to a restaurant-cooked dinner. eBook PDF, 2005, Merrymeeting Archives LLC. Description.

    High Tea.
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    High Tea & Tea for Two

    Anthology of Tea: High Tea, Wedding Tea, Home Tea, 5 o'Clock Tea &c. and some entertaining history and social portrayals; collected tea magazine articles and book chapters from 1835 to 1924.. 77 e-pages, © 1999-2007, Merrymeeting Archives LLC. more info...

    WWI Era Cookware Catalog
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    Super-maid Cookware Catalog, circa 1915

    5.03MB, 22 e-pgs., illustrated. Super-Maid Cookware Catalog, Your Work Room, Equipped for Better Cooking with Less Work, circa 1915.

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