Victorian Weddings
and Wedding Anniversaries.

Materials and Trimmings for Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaids' Gowns.

Material and Trimmings for the General Trousseau.

Victorian Weddings

Wedding Etiquette; Engagements, Engagement Rings and Engagement Announcements; The Wedding-Day; By Whom Are The Expenses of a Wedding Assumed? Invitations; The Proper Attire for Weddings; The Bridal Bouquet; Floral Decorations; Church Weddings; House Weddings; Calls, Announcement Cards, Etc. Wedding Receptions; Wedding Breakfasts; Bride's Cake; Wedding Cake; Old-Time Customs; Congratulations; The Wedding Tour; A Springtime Wedding; Giving and Acknowledging Wedding Presents; The Art of Giving, and What to Give; The Weddings of Widows; Duties of the Bride and Groom's Attendants: The Maid of Honor, The Best Man, The Bridesmaids, and the Ushers; Pages; The Groom's Dinner; The Marriage Certificate; Miscellaneous Suggestions.

Victorian Wedding Anniversaries
A Cotton Wedding; A Paper Wedding; A Leather Wedding; A Wooden Wedding; A Woolen Wedding; A Tin Wedding; A Silk and Linen Wedding; A Crystal Wedding; A China Wedding; A Silver Wedding; A Pearl Wedding; A Ruby Wedding; A Golden Wedding; A Diamond Wedding.

Victorian Weddings and Wedding Anniversaries

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Victorian Weddings and Anniversaries
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Weddings and Wedding Anniversaries
Butterick Publishing Co., 1894
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