19th-Century to Early 20th-Century Industry
136 Pictures on CD-ROM

Industry: Trades, Farming and Office Work.
100 images on CD-ROM: jpg image files of the Early
Trades, Farming and Office Work, years ranging from 1845-1923.

1800s Domestic Servants & Early 20th Century Housewifery and Househusbandry

36 images. 16 jpg image files including the valet, footman, butler, coachman, page, gardener, dairy-maid, housemaid, parlour-maid & lady's-maid; and 20 jpg image files of vacuuming, washing dishes, making a bed, work clothes, &c.

1923 Butcher. Victorian Farming.Victorian Banking.

Picture of Work.Picture of Men Servants. Picture of Washing Dishes.


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