1860s Home
Front Hall and Front Stairs.
Our goal is to renovate the Victorian house to its original 1860s wooden floors and plaster. To date in the front hall, we took off the wall panelling, the orange rug on the stairs, the acoustical tile ceiling panels, and part of the 1960s linoleum pattern by Armstrong, and the masonite directly over the wood floors. Underneath the panelling was salmon-pink paint on top of wallpaper, 1920s wallpaper, and underneath further was a circa 1890s Victorian wallpaper.

Hall Closet

Victorian Outdoor Costume.


"They were both so overjoyed to see me, so proud to see me, so touched by my coming to them, so delighted that I should have come by accident to make their day complete!" ...Charles Dickens' Great Expectations, 1861.

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