Shoppell's small gothic house design.

first floor house plan.

It is intended that this building shall be constructed of brick, with stone corners. The roof is of slate, and the chimney tops of terra cotta ware, which can be obtained of any pattern or size.

The plans exhibit accommodations for a family of four or five, there being three chambers on the upper floor of ample size. The first floor contains the parlor, dining-room and kitchen, with the pantry and scullery attached. The hall is lighted by the window opposite the landing in the second story. There is a fire-place in each apartment. Throughout the base of the building there is a cellar, having stairs beneath the main stairway.

The rooms are in size as follows: First floor, parlor, 14x16 feet; dining-room, 14x18 feet; kitchen, 14x16 feet; porch, 9x8 feet; scullery, 9x9 feet.
Second floor, chamber over parlor, 14x16 feet; over dining-room, 14x18 feet; over kitchen, 14x16 feet.

If constructed of brick with stone corners and caps, with cellar throughout, stone foundation and slate roof, and finished in first-class style, can be built for about $5,000 [1883].

second-story house floor plan.

Shoppell's House Plan Numbers 1-55, 1883
Victorian Houses Collection

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